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Newbard Farm


Sustainable, Ethically Raised Meat

We believe in eating meat that is sustainably & ethically raised & humanely slaughtered. It’s not only good for our bodies, but we are pretty thankful to be living on this big sphere we call earth and want to honor what nature has given us by taking care of it. Because of this we also believe in raising happy animals that are well cared for. A happy animal is a healthy animal!

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Exactly What You Need


Newbard Farm are proud to present high quality pork  and bacon products.  What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional, compassionate food they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site.


Please take into consideration we are a working family farm, we would appreciate a call or message if planning to visit as there are times we may not be aware of your presence when we are dealing with day to day running of the farm. -
Any queries or orders please send us a message through this site or connect with us on social media

Slow Grown Pasture Raised Pigs

Heritage Breed Oxford Sandy & Black X Tamworth

We started our venture in 2018 and have never looked back, we grow all our own vegetables, we are registered with the Dept of food & Marine to sell our Vegetables and the HSE for our  Meat products and all surplus veg is fed to our pigs! We love what we do, we keep Pedigree Heritage Breed Oxford Sandy & Black cross Tamworth that are humanely reared using no chemicals or vetinary medicines.  We use our wonderful pigs to clear ground, fertilize it and produce quality meat. We believe every pig should enjoy life and let them be as natural as possible.

Our role is very different than even a quarter of century ago, but it is very much in keeping with the historical role of the small family farm for pork production and swine welfare. We are more focused on the care and management of our animals as we feel better about this kind of pig production and see a very bright future for Artisan foods. With a traditional breed giving a special product gives a distinct approach to production thus a better and more becoming life can be created for both farmer and animal.”


Fresh slow grown local produce has always been a focus for our family. We started out very small and thanks to the support of our community and customers we have been able to expand and evolve our produce department to what it is today.  Our philosophy is to support local produce and has been our goal from the beginning. 

During the growing season our fields is stocked with a large variety of produce as fodder for our pigs.


We believe that choosing to buy local is not only better for our local economy but also reduces our ecological footprint.  We registered with The Organic Trust in December of 2022 as we use no herbicides or chemical pest control.

We have links with several butchers locally who process & package our meat, then is sold directly from our farm.


Cooladalane Lower, Co. Waterford

085 2289859

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Streaky Bacon

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